black rescue german shorthaired pointer for adoption


German Shorthaired Pointer

Est. DOB: July 2016


Sex: Male

Status: Available for adoption

Blue is a fabulous black Pointer and is easy-going and good natured. He was abandoned outside our rescue centre by his hunter owners who hadn't taken care of him. Suffering from heart worm, Babesia from ticks, an eye and ear infection and a torn ear from the other dogs he had lived with he was in desperate need of help.

As Blue is quite a dominant dog he likes to be the boss around other males so would be better suited to a household with only female canine company. His is however trusted with cats so would be fine with some feline friends.

Thanks to the dedicated care of our team and Vets, Blue is now fully recovered, fit and healthy. He is Titre qualified and ready to travel to the UK.

For further information on Blue please see his personal 

facebook page via the link above



The fearless feline who puts our dogs to the test

Every dog that comes to PRS​ is trialled on a cat test with Attila, a vital member of our team. She's a feisty lady who we know can hold her own, she runs and hides from no one! 


As many of these dogs are ex-hunters they can have high prey drives. Therefore, we carefully introduce each new member so that we can assure you of their potential suitability in your home. 

This video illustrates Blue's encounter. Having just met another Pointer who she didn't like much, Attila wasn't her relaxed self. However, Blue rather liked her, as you can see, and we feel he would be fine in a home with a cat.

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