German Shorthaired Pointer


Sex: Male

Status: Available to adopt

Poor GSP Lutz was rescued just 4 days ago from the kill shelter, he too is in a bad way. He arrived straight form the shelter with a fever of 40.6, Babesia from over 100 ticks that were mainly attached inside his ears, inflammation of his ears, liver inflammation, a few teeth that needs some attention, the start of Bronchopneumonia, Heartworm positive and soaking wet! He had had nowhere to hide any from the rain. That dreadful kill shelter only adds to the misery of a sick dog, so glad that Lutz is now out of there and safe with our vet.

A hefty vet bill has been estimated by our vet hence our GoFundMe for dearest LUTZ. Please consider his plight and help us to raise his vet fees for him, he has no one else that wants him, only us!

The shelter and those that have seen him during the last 4 days believe that he was once owned, he's a delightful soul of around 4 year of age, who was so happy to meet the small dog that belongs to our vet. Lutz is so gentle, he was delighted to have a ball in his mouth and showed a wonderful personality, despite being so ill. These dogs really are something else!

For further information on Lutz please see his personal facebook page via the link above



The fearless feline who puts our dogs to the test

Every dog that comes to PRS​ is trialled on a cat test with Attila, a vital member of our team. She's a feisty lady who we know can hold her own, she runs and hides from no one! 


As many of these dogs are ex-hunters they can have high prey drives. Therefore, we carefully introduce each new member so that we can assure you of their potential suitability in your home. 

When Lutz is well enough to join our Dormitories we will test him with Attila. In the meantime, please see our Youtube channel for more video's of our other cat friendly dogs.

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