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Healthy Heart Program

Could you help us keep our dogs healthy?

As a responsible rescue group, we keep all our dogs and Attila, the Team Serbia Kennels cat, protected each month against ticks, fleas and from mosquito bites that spread Heartworm.

Heartworm is prevalent in Serbia and the surrounding countries due to flatlands, standing water and the mosquito that transmits the infection from infected animals.

This is why every month we run our Healthy Heart Programme, which is just £10 per dog. Our vet visits the dormitories to administer Milprazon® to protect against Heartworm, Advantix® to safeguard against Ticks and Fleas and to visit all our dogs for a quick check up.

There are other rescue groups who don't test for Heartworm, there are rescues who say that a Heartworm infected dog can travel from Eastern Europe to their new home! This is incorrect and dangerous advice for the health of the dog.

If you'd like to help us keep our dogs properly protected whilst they're with us at our Dormitories, please look for our Healthy Heart Programme that is advertised on the 21st of each month, both here and on our facebook group.

Please take a look at the photos below and see if there's one that you would like to help for that month or even become a regular sponsor.

£10 is all it takes to keep our dogs safe and protected. 

Please consider helping one of them. 


The Importance of Heartworm Treatment

You may have seen the pictures of how the heart literally becomes strangled by the worm produced by the mosquito but what you may not know is why, as a rescue, we require the dog to be heartworm free before travel.

When the dogs travel, no matter how laid back and calm the dog is, they will still suffer some distress, which is understandable. I'm sure you'd feel the same if you were travelling to an unknown destination, having left everything which is familiar behind and going into a world with strange people. However stress doesn't help them if they also have heartworm, as their hearts come under extra pressure.

Heartworm is very expensive to treat in the UK, which is why every month we ask for your help to treat our dogs with preventative medicines and also to give to the GoFundMe pleas to get them specialist treatment as soon as possible. 

A heartworm treated heart still has a certain amount of scarring and the last sad thing we wish for our dogs is to die on transport. So we make sure all dogs are heartworm free prior to travel to ensure happy dogs and happy new owners.

Please support us in our quest to make sure that all dogs are healthy before they get on that Happy Bus to their new lives.

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