German Wirehaired Pointer

Est. DOB: July 2017

Sex: Male


Status: Available to adopt

Rudi came into our care together with two other dogs, GSP Parker and GSP Red, who had all been left to fend for themselves in a barn without food or water. Veterinary tests revealed they were all heartworm positi​ve. Rudi was also suffering from an extremely painful ear inflammation, showing scabies and puss within the inner canal. Together with this he had babesia and a fever, along with dental issues. 

Despite all of these ailments Rudi has demonstrated himself to be a gentle and easy going boy. Thankfully he has responded well to treatment and is now heartworm clear. 

He has been cat tested and showed some interest, however he could have potential for reform with careful training and guidance. Please see his video of this trail below. 

Rudi is microchipped, fully vaccinated and FAVN titre qualified. If you think you can offer him a loving home please contact us for information.

For further information on Rudi please see his personal facebook page via the link above



The fearless feline who puts our dogs to the test

Every dog that comes to PRS​ is trialled on a cat test with Attila, a vital member of our team. She's a feisty lady who we know can hold her own, she runs and hides from no one! 


As many of these dogs are ex-hunters they can have high prey drives. Therefore, we carefully introduce each new member so that we can assure you of their potential suitability in your home. 

Rudi easily passed our cat test with Attila. If you require the new addition in your family to be cat friendly you can view our other cat tested dogs on our Youtube channel.

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