English Pointer

Est. DOB: December 2014

Sex: Female

Status: Available to adopt

Sara's former owner was a hunter and also owned our GWP Lester and EP Olivia. When the owner died the family kept Lester tied up outside and alone with Sara and Olivia inside with access to as much food as they both wanted. We were asked to rescue all three from the family who were struggling to understand how to cope with them. We had to slim both girls down and gently increase the amounts of food for our boy Lester.


Beautiful Sara had Heartworm when rescued, we have been treating her via our specialist. She is almost Heartworm free now, we expect her to be clear in the next few months. 

Whilst Sara is not cat friendly she loves to be with our other Pointers and would make a super addition to an EP experienced family. She is easy going, great with children and loves cuddling up.

For further information on Sara please see her personal 

facebook page via the link above



The fearless feline who puts our dogs to the test

Every dog that comes to PRS​ is trialled on a cat test with Attila, a vital member of our team. She's a feisty lady who we know can hold her own, she runs and hides from no one! 


As many of these dogs are ex-hunters they can have high prey drives. Therefore, we carefully introduce each new member so that we can assure you of their potential suitability in your home. 

We will be uploading footage from Sara's cat test shortly. If you require the new addition in your family to be cat friendly you can view our other cat tested dogs on our Youtube channel.

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